A platform focused on the technology behind backend - not use cases.

A Fluid Experience

Lumisan Sanbox Designer features a truly unmatched user experience.

  • Debug, work, and monitor at the same time and in real time
  • Intuitive window-in-window layout gives you room to work quickly
  • Drag-n-drop funtionality throughout
  • Hardware accelerated UI

An Advanced Runtime

Lumisan Sanbox Runtime was built for speed and security on the latest technology.

  • Asynchronous non-blocking execution designed to run millions of concurrent requests
  • Parallel node execution
  • Built to scale
  • Runs everywhere
  • Microservice architecture ready
  • Fits your process: One file deployment, one file Runtime image, automated deployment API
  • You're in control, no lock-in, free to use

The world runs on APIs - so Sanbox is API first.

  • API first approach: build RESTFul Web APIs, Backend for Web Apps, and more
  • Built-in no-configuration key-value persistence and memory cache layer
  • 1st class database integration with Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases. Any database supporting ODBC is supported
  • Codeless logic: Conditionals, switches, data manipulation, and more
  • Dynamic Scripting in IronPython
  • Scheduled and one-off jobs
  • File and process access
  • Codeless security solutions

Grab integration problems by the root

  • No code comprehensive API connection tools to connect to any API anywhere
  • Powerful object validation, mapping, and construction
  • Built-in support for Oauth1, Oauth2, Hawk Authentication, Bearer Token, and Basic authentication

Front-End Developers Rejoice

  • Complete automatic sync of front-end code and assets
  • Build backend for your new data-driven app without writing a single line of code
  • Server-side HTML rendering

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