Lumisan Sanbox - Backend Reenvisioned

Automate your backend software development. Build cloud ready data-driven APIs, microservices, web apps with Sanbox serving your frontend, and integrate all of your applications. Do it with the first ever low-code Backend Engine.

Build backend faster and better with no server code.

Designed for developers and IT professionals - Lumisan Sanbox changes the way we build software.

Reenvisioned From The Ground Up

Sanbox is a microservice backend chameleon that can either work as a web app server to serve/render frontend code/content, serve web APIs, create SaaS intergrations, or build system automation.

Next Gen Design

The first true real-time development experience. There is no compilation, no loading, and it all runs fast and securely. All of this with unlimited environments and you unlock a new level of agile.

Integrate Everything

Focuses on automating the anatomy of an HTTP request. The only platform where you build HTTP point-to-point intergrations without code that are pure and maintainable.

Melds To Your Ecosystem

The only low-code solution designed to assimilate with your existing or new enterprise grade DevOps tools and cloud environment. A low-code microservice.

Changes How We Create

Data-driven solutions now take days instead of months. Bring real business value without breaking your wallet.

Sensible Licensing

We charge only for use of our IDE through a straightfoward simple pricing model that prices per IDE (Sanbox Designer) user. Because Sanbox Runtime is free, there are no limits to end-users or instances.

Simple. Powerful.

We've created our entire backend for our site and portal in a week with Sanbox. Watch where we create a simple RESTful API endpoint - in just under 3 minutes.

Please be sure your sound is on.

FREE Customer Onboarding

Not sure if Sanbox works for you? Drop us a line at and our engineers will personally work with you.

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